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Itália: a analisar proposta da indústria para incentivo fiscal às bicicletas eléctricas

Por cá tivémos a ABIMOTA a pedir uma taxa reduzida de IVA para as bicicletas (além da petição do João Branco para a inclusão das bicicletas – simples ou com motor – nos incentivos fiscais concedidos aos carros eléctricos). Em Itália o governo está a analisar uma proposta do género, mas proposta pelo sector das eléctricas da indústria das bicicletas, para descontar até 30 % do valor da compras das mesmas no IRS:

ROME, Italy – The Italian Government is currently examining a proposal by the industry organization ANCMA for a major tax incentive on e-Bikes. Like in all EU countries, the Italians are looking for new means to cut emission rates in their urban areas. In order to stimulate the use of sustainable forms of mobility as alternatives of motor vehicles the Italian Government wants to grant 30% restitution on all e-Bikes.

It is generally expected that this incentive will boost the sale of e-Bikes tremendously. When successful it might even be a good example for other national Governments within the Euroepan Union as a means to reduce emission rates.

The e-Bike meant in the proposal is limited to a “pedal assisted bicycle equipped with an auxiliary electric motor with a maximum power output of 250 Watt whose power is gradually reduced and stopped at 25 km/h or when the cyclist stops cycling.”

The 30% restitution is limited up to € 700 of the retail price including VAT. This tax incentive is only granted if the manufacturer or importer is associated with industry organizations ANCMA or ICE-CIVES (Italians organization for electric road vehicles). All applicable e-Bikes will be specified by the Ministry of Environment in advance and updated annually.